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How does the Non-Competitive TennisCentreville
Partner Program Work?

Partner Program Basic Concept More

TennisCentreville's Non-competitive tennis partner program is broken down to these playing regions: Centreville, Manassas, Fairfax County, Burke.

Connect with up to 20 players or more

- Near Your Level
- Near You

Dedicated Players More

- Easy to find a Tennis Partner
- Set up to hit-around or Play a Friendly Match

Most flexible and easiest way to get out and play competitive tennis matches in the DC area. I enjoy the flex league with play-off format and the new tourney.
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E. Declerck TennisCentreville

Member Since

Less Competitive More

- No Champions
- No League Standings
- For Beginner's to Low level Advanced Players
- We let you know who likes to play doubles
- Hit the courts with other people who like to hit

Simple and Affordable More

- No auto-billing - sign up for two or more months. We do not store your credit card and we do NOT charge you for future months.
- Which gets you dedicated local players who want to meet up with you on the courts.


Our Total Donation to Cancer Research Institute and Boston Food Bank has been over $26,000 in the past 10 years.


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